Why Is One Speaker Louder than the Other?

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There must be two speakers or rather three that communicate with every speaker playing music to make the music loud enough. The speakers work together through the amplifier that links them. However, sometimes one of the speakers fails to work correctly.  

When one speaker is louder than the other, it shows some imbalance of the audio quality, which can be due to various reasons like inadequate speaker quality, faulty wire connection, or issues with the signal source. Therefore, when you have any issues with your speaker, consider inspecting the speakers carefully to check the speaker that has issues before fixing them.

However, you should not worry about how to fix your speaker or how you will know the causes of the failures with speakers since I will provide the causes of the speaker failures and the solutions you can use to fix the problems. There are the frequently asked questions and lastly, the conclusion.

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How do you inspect if one of the speakers is faulty?

Before narrowing down to the solutions of fixing the issues with the speakers, it is good to check if it’s true the speaker is not working. To do this, consider testing the speakers by switching the speakers with their wires. After swapping the speakers, you can easily discover the issue within the speaker or with the wires. Check the connection of wires when you are doing the swapping.

Moreover, ensure the insert of the other connectors carefully to avoid any loose connection. You can choose to use wires that you are sure are in a good state because you can choose some wires that bring more effects to the speaker’s faults.

Problems with one speaker being louder than the other

1. Issues with the Signal Source

When you have one speaker louder than the other, consider replacing the speaker with a different speaker. Before starting the process, consider turning on the speaker and listening to the audio quality carefully. If the audio volume is almost the same with the speakers, but one is still louder than the other, the issue is with the signal source, which has faults.

However, before checking out the solution for any of the problems, consider identifying the audio signal in the speaker. This is because the signal helps transport the signal from the star to the output. Remember, the output is connected to the speakers and converts an electrical signal into sound. Therefore, if the speaker fails to receive enough power, it will fail to produce good sound or rather produce a lower volume of sound.

2. Issues with the wires

Issues with the wires
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With the connection of speakers, there must be positive and negative wires among them that enhance the production of quality volumes of audio. If the wires are in the wrong direction or have a poor condition, then the speaker will have to face some issues with its process of work.  Loose wires are the major cause of louder sounds on one speaker than on the other.

Therefore, consider checking the connection of the wires with the speakers to ensure that everything is okay before deciding on the solution for the speaker. If there is no problem with the speaker wiring, you should check on some other problems.

3. Poor connection

Sometimes you can be checking on the cable’s state, forgetting to check on the connection between them. The connection between the amplifier and the speaker is always delicate, which, if you are not keen on them, can cause some of the problems above. Majorly, the problems develop if the nuts connecting them are loose or the wire’s connection with them fails.  Therefore, ensure you keep the connection tight so that it cannot cause any other problem.

Fixing one speaker louder than the other

When fixing a speaker that seems louder than the other, consider visiting the settings within the speaker with the device you are using to connect to it or using the device settings. Using this way, you can easily change the speakers’ settings together with their audio quality.  However, follow the steps below when fixing the issue:

1. Check the balance of the speakers

Fixing one speaker louder than the other

Sometimes, the speakers fail to work due to the amount of sound that the speakers are emitting, such that it is not equal. With such a case, consider putting the right speaker volume higher than the sounds with the left speaker. However, follow the steps below to fix the balance of the issue of the speakers.

  1. If you are using another device like a phone to play music with the speakers, narrow it down to the device’s control panel.
  2. Click the audio part of the settings with you will see much information about the speakers,
  3. Choose the headphones you are using and then click properties of the speakers and choose the levels tab to change the settings of the volume levels.
  4. Choose the balance button to access the controls.
  5. Click the balance button and adjust the sound volumes on both the speaker and the device.

2. Frequently clean the ports connecting the speakers to the audio source

When you use the speakers for long, there could be dirt that accumulates on the ports that you always use to connect the speakers to the audio source, which causes issues with the production of sound in the speakers. Remember to use dry cotton when cleaning to remove the dirty particles and dust in the ports.

3. Restart the devices you are using with the speakers

Normally we do not use the speakers alone without any other device that works either through a wired or wireless connection to enhance sound production in the speakers. Restarting devices is a common activity that we always practice to reset some options in the machine.

Remember to remove the speakers from the device before restarting the device. After restarting the device, you can then plug in the speakers for testing.


1. What are the other ways of fixing the issues with speakers?

One of the best things to do is by testing the headphones to check if they have any issues or if the machine has some of the problems.

Checking the speakers’ ventilation also helps fix the issues with the speakers since poor ventilation causes defects with the speakers due to poor circulation of air in its space.

2. Can wires cause issues with the speaker’s failure?

When you have your speakers, consider checking the state of the wires and their connection since, at some point, they can cause failures of the speakers when working or produce bad sound


The article above shows why when using speakers, you can find out that one produces louder sounds than the other. In most cases, the speakers work when you connect them to an external device like personal computers, android phones, and other devices. So when you have any issues, you can choose to use them.

However, you can choose to consult a technician if you try the same steps I have provided above, and they are not working. Remember technicians know a certain device that they can easily find the issue with. It is good to follow the manufacturer’s manual to correct the issue.

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