Kef Q100 Vs B&w 685 – Quick Differences

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Many people keep debating whether they can use B&w 685 or kef q100, which makes them worry. But after finding out the best speaker that fits your activities, you cannot regret choosing it. Before finding the best among these two speakers, identify their similarities and differences that help you find the best of all. Kef q100 speakers are speakers in the q series that people use to enhance music production at home or any place, and B & W 685 are large loudspeakers.

Therefore, you should not worry about which type of speakers to use since you can diagnose yourself and identify the one that fits you. B&w 685 or kef q100 all function the same but have differences with how they work and their features and, at the same time, have similarities that indicate they are of the same purpose despite the few differences.

In this guide, we got you covered and will make your life very easy as we have the differences and similarities of B&w 685 or kef q100. I will describe the best one to use among the two at the end then I will provide the frequently asked questions on the topic above.  The guide feels ready to help, so let’s narrow it down to our points. Lastly is the conclusion that summarizes the whole guide and gives us direction on what to use.

Table of Contents

Quick comparison table between B&w 685 or kef q100

comparison B&w 685 kef q100
number of drivers one driver Two drivers
How to use Universal mode of using Has setting of using
Place of work Floor only Both on the floor and with mountings
weight light heavy
size small big

Differences of B&w 685 and kef q100

B&w 685

1. Number of drivers

The two speakers use a different number of drivers when running, which enhances better production of music. The kef q100 uses two drivers when running, which produces good music quality due to its number of drivers. On the other hand, the B & W 685 speakers use one driver to run, which makes the kef q100 better than it since it works, I mean, produces a lower quality of sound than the kef q100.

2. How to use it

The mode of using the speakers is according to the manufacturer’s instructions on how they state how to use their devices. The mode of use with the B & W 685 is through a universal mode of working per the manufacturer’s instruction; on the other hand, the kef q100 speaker has a special set of units that you must follow to work with the speaker.

3. Place of resting while working

The two speakers work with two different places according to how their make is. Some of the speakers rest on the floor, while some have the feature to mount them somewhere. The B & W 685 speakers can only work while resting on the floor, while the kef q100 works by either resting on the floor or mounting it on its stand since it has the stand it can rest on.

3. Weight

The weight of the speakers differs according to their sizes and the materials that make them. Using heavy materials can make the speakers heavy, while lighter materials can make the speakers light. The kef q100 is heavy, while the B & W 685 speakers are light.

4. Size

The size of the two machines differs where the size is in height, width and length. The measurements are in three dimensions where the size of the B & W 685 is 13 inches by 7 inches by 12 inches, making it small, while the size of the kef q100 is 14 inches by 8 inches by 12 inches bigger.

Similarities of B&w 685 and kef q100

Kef Q100

1. Type of speakers

The type of speakers both devices use is two-way speakers such that the two devices both have two small speakers that work with the base speaker. The two small speakers help enhance the production of music louder, helping the bigger speaker.

2. Physical appearance

The two speakers have the same physical appearance where the physical appearance is the outside look. The outside surface of the devices is always either white or black that you cannot easily differentiate them with a look of the eye from a distance since they are almost the same.

3. Resistance

Resistance is the amount of current the speakers consume when running to produce music. The resistance of the speakers is the same, where the speakers have a resistance of about 8 ohms to run.

4. Sensitivity level

The sensitivity level is the ability of the speakers to detect an external device that needs to connect to them. Therefore, the sensitivity level of the two speakers is so high that they can detect any nearby device around them and connect easily without the need of struggling. A speaker must have the ability to connect with other devices through the Bluetooth application. You can play music using a different device but with the speaker, where the sensitivity comes in.

5. Function

The kef q100 and B & W 685 are both speakers that produce quality sounds in the house. So their functions are the same and how to operate them is just except for a few differences they have.

The most recommended type of speaker to use among the two

Even though the two speakers are both good for use in the house, one of the machines works better than the other. In this case, the kef q100 is much better than the B & W 685 speaker. All this is because it has more quality features that make it good for use. The features include having two drives that make it work more by producing quality music in the house.

Another feature is that it has a stand that you can mount other than placing it on the floor that can be cool and cause damage to the lower parts of the device. Lastly, the kef q100 is a speaker that is affordable such that it has a price that is a bit cheap but has quality features that make people recommend using it other than other speakers.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the factors to consider when buying the speakers?

When buying the speakers, the factors to consider include the price, user experience, amount of power it consumes, and the type of speakers. When buying a speaker, check the speaker’s price to check if it is pocket-friendly or if you will find it hard to buy it. If the price is favorable, consider picking it.

The other thing is the user experience, where you need to buy a speaker according to your experience with the device. If you never had the chance to use the speaker, consider asking friends and relatives about the best type of speaker to avoid buying a speaker that will be of low quality.


Now you have full information of the B & W 685 and the kef q100 speakers where I have the features of each device. The article provides the differences and the similarities of the two products that help you choose the best type of speaker to use. The differences consist of the features of the device where you can easily determine. However, for this case, the kef q100 is the best speaker to use since it has more good features.

Finally, read the article carefully to get to know the difference and similarities between the two. Remember, the two speakers are of the same color will be hard to differentiate unless you know more features.