Kitchen Aid Oven Touchpad Not Working – Causes & Solutions

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The kitchen aid oven touchpad is the control panel on the oven that the users’ touch using bare hands when commanding the oven to perform specific activities. The touchpad is due to the upcoming technology that develops more features with the working instruments in the kitchen to make work easier. However, when enjoying the features of the touchpad, you can encounter some problems while using it, like the touchpad failing to work that can be due to several reasons.

 The touchpad failure to work can be due to failures with the control panel or the setting with the oven that you have to reset to make it good. When the touchpad has issues, you have to check the cause of the problems and fix them immediately to avoid some more effects of the device since it can give more work while operating the machine. Sometimes the cause of the failures is the power that the touchpad fails to access due to some issues with the electrical appliances that connect to the touchpad.

The article below shows the possible reasons why the kitchen aid oven touchpad is not working and the possible ways of fixing the issues. After fixing the frequently asked question, the conclusion summarizes what the article is all about and gives the measures to follow when using the device.

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Why is the kitchen aid oven touchpad not working?

1. Issues with the power supply

The touchpad may fail to work if it receives less power for it to run. All this can be because of issues with the wires that connect the oven to the power source. In some cases, the wiring process of the wires from the power source to the oven is poor, which makes the wires lose and causes problems.

Sometimes the electrical appliances become faulty such that they are no longer in use because of an old device or they are blown. For example, when it blows, the fuse no longer works with the machine since it acts as a protective device to the whole system in case of a power surge. It is good to check the power supply devices when the touchpad is not working to make work easier in the troubleshooting process.

Issues with the power supply

2. Faulty switch

In most cases, the kitchen aid oven touchpad uses the membrane switch so that if it has issues, the touchpad fails to work. The membrane switch works with the touchpad since the touchpad consists of electrical switches that you touch and respond to the oven. So to access the membrane switch, consider switching off the whole unit and opening it to get the switch. If the switch has issues consider replacing the switch to work with the touchpad correctly.

3. Faulty control board

Sometimes the touchpad can fail to work, but the display is still working. In such a case, the issue can be due to the control board having some mistakes. The control board works with the switches to provide voltages that the touchpad needs to work properly. Therefore if such an issue arises, consider checking the control board.

Faulty control board

How to troubleshoot the kitchen aid oven touchpad that is not working

After checking on the specific parts that can cause the problems, you can then proceed with the troubleshooting process. But before starting, consider reading the manufacturer’s instructions on how to troubleshoot the issues with the oven touchpad. Below are the steps you can follow when troubleshooting the issues with the touchpad.

  1. Switch off the kitchen aid oven touchpad to access some electrical appliances like the fuse and other wires that supply power to the oven. To switch off the oven, ensure you unplug the power supply components from the sockets and give it time to cool before opening anything.
  2. Check the power supply agents by opening the fuse and checking the state of the wires to confirm they are all okay. If the wires are bent, consider straightening them or replacing them with new wires that will work properly. Check the state of the fuse and replace it if it is blown to ensure everything is okay with the power section.
  3. Check the state of the circuit breaker and replace it if it has some issues causing the failures with the touchpad oven.
  4. Switch on the oven to change the settings with the display and other issues causing the failures with the touchpad.
  5. Change the settings with the control settings to lock the device by pressing some buttons to unlock the settings. After changing the settings, the display will also start working since some touchpads will fail to work together with the display.
  6. Change the settings with the display level of the touchpad by adjusting the settings carefully to your preference.
  7. Change the settings with the time of the oven for it to read correctly.
  8. Ensure everything is correct with the oven’s settings, then check if the touchpad is still not working.

If the touchpad is still not working, consider asking a technician to visit your place to check the issues with the touchpad and fix them if they can try with their perfections since you can be missing some essential steps in changing the problem. However, if you find that everything you are trying is not working with the touchpad, consider calling the oven help desk through their various platforms and asking how they can help you fix the problem.

Frequently asked questions

1. Where can one buy the tools to replace the faulty parts with the kitchen aid oven touchpad?

You can visit many areas while trying to get the spare parts for the faulty parts with the oven. However, to get the best services with good products, only specific shops offer the products. The best place to visit is the Amazon shops which are all over the world such that you can order the products you want at home and pay for them then get the delivery on the doorsteps. The sites offer quality products that most people recommend buying. You can also visit eBay sites that work the same as Amazon sites.

2. Can an old touchpad fail to work with the oven?

When the touchpad is old, it means some of its sensors are failing to sense the users’ fingers when trying to touch and that they fail to respond, which is that it is not working. Therefore, when trying the fixing process, check the age of the touchpad before starting to check on some other areas.


Well, all the worries about what you can do with the touchpad in your oven do not work are now over. It would help if you did not worry about such since there are solutions you can try to fix them. The article provides the reasons for the kitchen-aid oven touchpad failures: the power supply components and some other items within the system that you need to repair or replace when fixing the issues.

Therefore, follow the troubleshooting process to help you fix the issue with much ease. Always consider checking the areas causing the problems before trying any of the troubleshooting processes. Please read the manufacturer’s instructions when fixing the faulty parts to help you know what to do with the parts. If the troubleshooting process feels hard for you, consider consulting a technician to help you fix the problem.