How to Reset Cozy Wall Heater That Won’t Turn On?

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Cozy heaters are manufactured to provide more comfort to the users. They are the heaters with the highest quality components and everyone can depend on the heaters. The heaters heat your home to provide more comfort to the users. Some walls have cozy wall heaters, while others use electric heaters to supply heat in the house. Therefore, understand your wall heater type and use it, whether it is a gas wall or an electric wall heater.

Turning on the wall heaters vary from one to another depending on the type of heater. For instance, some wall heaters need you to switch on the pilot light and keep it working correctly while the heater is still running. Sometimes your wall heater can be damaged, and it will need repair. Ensure you repair the wall heater appropriately while following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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How you can turn on your cozy wall heater

Step 1: Find the position of your wall heater knob

Inspect your cozy wall heater carefully and locate your knob. The knob will help you start the wall heater.

Step 2: Turn on the knob you have located to “pilot”

After identifying the position of the knob heater, turn it on to the “pilot” and then push it down slowly to the ignition button. You can repeat the process if the ignition button fails to turn on your pilot light. If the problem persists, look for the best way to fix it after inspecting your ignition button for any damages.

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Step 3: After you turn your pilot light on, try holding your ignition button for some time before releasing it

Hold your wall heater ignite button in place to ensure that your pilot light is completely turned on. Ensure you wait for around 10 to 15 seconds before releasing the ignite button.

Step 4: Turn to the settings of your wall heater and adjust the temperature to your desired level

Go to the settings of your wall heater and check them. Press the temperature button and try adjusting the temperature. Adjust it slowly until you reach the temperature you desire. Ensure that you carry the activity with a lot of carefulness.

Cozy wall heaters won’t turn on and how to troubleshoot the problem

Your wall heater may stop functioning, and therefore, you must inspect it accordingly and try to identify any issues or damages. Try fixing the problems if fixable and if not, try consulting an electrician to fix them for you. Some wall heaters can be damaged beyond repair, and therefore replacing them is the best method.

Suppose your heater won’t turn on or stop working

Firstly, if your wall heater won’t work, inspect your cozy wall heater carefully and identify if your heater fuse has been blown out. Secondly, try replacing the fuse if it is blown out. After replacing the fuse, try turning on the wall heater to see if the problem is solved. Ensure you use a new wall heater fuse that perfectly fits the fuse area and the wall heater.

Secondly, if your fuse is not blown out, check the heater’s wirings if there are wires damaged or loose. If your wires are loose, turn off your wall heater and remove it from the wall. Open it slowly and inspect the wires accordingly. Try to fix the wires if they are loosely attached by tightening them, but if they are damaged, replace the wires and try to turn on the cozy wall heater.

Ensure that you set your wall heater correctly by using your thermostat. If the problem persists, try consulting an electrician or consider replacing the wires. Finally, you can consider replacing the whole cozy wall heater, especially when it is too old.

Firstly, if your pilot’s light won’t light, check your wall heater carefully, especially the pilot.

Check your wall heater gas supply if you are using a gas wall heater but if you are using an electric wall heater, inspect the cable connection. Ensure that the gas is adequate and if it is inadequate, refill your wall heater with the correct oil used that is either propane or any other.

If the gas or electric cables are working correctly, the wall heater pilot light still fails to turn on. Check the pilot tubes if there are any damages or if the pipe is blocked. 

Try to unblock the pilot try and switch off the wall heater. Leave it to sit for around 10 minutes and try to light on the pilot light. If the problem persists, consider consulting a licensed electrician. Finally, you can also replace your pilot tube. After replacing the tube, try turning it on to see if the pilot light turns on.

If your cozy heater, especially an electric wall heater, keeps turning on and off, check the heater’s components.

When your electric heater keeps turning on and off frequently, inspect your electric wall heater for any damages. Check the components of the wall heater, which are; knob, wires among others. Firstly, switch off the wall heater.

Disconnect the thermostat knob from the wall heater and then open the heater to check for any incorrect wires or loose wires. Try fixing them by tightening the loose wires. If it fails to work, replace the damaged wires and install them correctly. Finally, try turning on your heater to check if the problem is solved correctly.

Frequently asked questions

How can I clean my cozy electric wall heater?

Cleaning electric wall heaters require more attention to avoid tampering with the heater’s components. The following steps show how to clean an electric wall heater.

  1. Disconnect your heater from the power socket.
  2. Inspect your heater before cleaning. Check power inside your electrical heater, check wire connections and fuse.
  3. Remove heater components that may be removed, including grille. Clean all components and the heater slots.
  4. Clean the dusty electric coils and fans of your electrical heater.
  5. Replace the removed components carefully and close your electric heater.
  6. After drying, connect it back to the power supply.


When troubleshooting cozy wall heaters, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions since each wall heater type has its instruction. Ensure that you understand that troubleshooting cozy gas wall heaters differ from cozy electrical heaters.

When your cozy wall heater stops working, you can apply the steps above and troubleshoot it yourself.

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