Garmin Forerunner 235 Won’t Turn on – How to Troubleshoot?

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Many people, especially those using the Garmin forerunner 235 watches, may experience the problem of the device failing to turn on, especially when they want to use the device. If the device fails to function or turn on, it is a clear indication that there is an issue with their smartwatch. Several reasons result in the device failing to turn on. They include; the device lacking power, the battery is completely dead, the software is not updated, or has some issues.

Fixing the Garmin device failing to turn on is easy, especially when you have a complete understanding of how the device and its internal parts function. Luckily, the article below shows the leading causes of the Garmin forerunner 235 failing to turn on and the possible troubleshooting guide. Ensure you follow the steps carefully after identifying the leading cause of the issue.

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Common causes of the Garmin 235 device failing to turn on and how to fix them

There are several reasons why the smartwatch may fail to turn. Luckily, the guide below identifies the root causes of the device failing to turn on and the possible troubleshooting process.

1. A dead Garmin 235 battery

A dead battery is the leading cause of the Garmin 235 device failing to turn on. Once the device battery fails to function as required, there is no power transmission from the battery that will switch on the device. In such a situation, you need to check the condition of the Garmin 235 battery if it is dead before proceeding to the next step.

Garmin Forerunner 235 Battery

These devices are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that the user cannot replace. When a new battery is necessary, replace it through the Garmin RMA process.

To solve such issues, there are several methods to follow, and they include;

  1. A dead battery doesn’t always cause electricity issues. If the battery does not charge or is flying away, wipe the battery contacts back and load it.
  2. A swab of fabric and alcohol rubbing implements removes both residues from the equation.
  3. If you already have a battery power issue, it could be a device issue that requires a software update. Tweak the program with Garmin.
  4. Even if the monitor does not reflect the unit charging, you can charge the battery for one hour before concluding that it is not performing as intended.

If the above methods fail, replace the battery since it may be completely dead. When purchasing a replacement battery, it is essential to consider the following factors to get an accurate battery from your Garmin 235 devices.

  1. Review the manufacturer’s manual guide and check the best battery type for your Garmin 235 smartwatch.
  2. Buy a battery that suits your device perfectly. The battery must not be too big or too small but fits the battery tray.
  3. Purchase a high-quality Garmin 235 battery that can last longer and reduce the frequent battery replacement costs.
  4. Seek help from a technician if you cannot replace the battery on your own to avoid damaging the other parts of the device.

2. Uncharged Garmin forerunner 235 battery

Sometimes, the Garmin device battery may fail to turn on due to lack of charge. Before opening the device and inspecting it, try connecting it to the power supply source and see if it is charging. If it is charging, turn it on to see if it is responding. If the device turns on, the problem is charge issues, but if it fails to respond, try using another battery of the same kind and see if the problem persists.

To check if the Garmin battery is getting power, connect your computer to the original Garmin charging cable, which has a green checkmark printed on it. Ensure there’s nothing between your charger cord and the power outlet, such as a splitter or other charging equipment. Don’t bring a USB cable with you.

Turn on the electricity. Toggle the power switch on. Check the light on the opposite end of the power cord to see if it is turned on. Ensure you pay more attention when handling the switch and avoid touching with wet hands.

3. Software error issue

If the device “freezes” on a single screen and does not respond to your touch, it might have encountered a program “error,” “glitch,” or other related problem. Because all electronic devices do a great variety of jobs and are measured every second, it is common for the system to remain in use at some point.

Software Error

A software upgrade will resolve the error issue. Upgrade the device software system to the latest version and try turning on the Garmin forerunner 235 devices. If the problem persists, consider proceeding to the next step of resetting the device.

4. Rest the Garmin forerunner 235 software

Even if the monitor does not indicate that the unit is charging, you can charge the battery for one hour before concluding that it is not functioning correctly. When Garmin devices have power issues, such as not turning on or off or not taking charge, perform a soft reset. A soft reset does not erase any data from the watch. This reset is most successful when the system is connected to a computer.

To do a soft reset, attach the item to a monitor with a charging clip. Hold down the POWER/LIGHT button for 25 seconds or until the system is fully charged. Click POWER/LIGHT on the control device. The battery is fully charged. Ensure you follow the instructions carefully to avoid resetting the system wrongly.

5. Data reloading

You can delete user details while keeping track of operations on reloads like the Garmin Forerunner 235. Deleting assures that user-entry data like height, weight, and age are erased from the watch, but your behavior data is kept. To do so, turn the system off. While holding down the back button, turn on the watch. You must clarify any user information if you desire to do so. Choose Yes after pressing the back button.

6. Check how long battery stores charge

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are no longer supported by the Garmin Connect mobile app, which is required to download measures and events. If you frequently use the Garmin Connect smartphone app, you may want to turn off Auto Upload to save battery life. The barometer’s Storm Warning feature is a redundant drain of batteries when a smartphone updates local weather.

If the battery depletion continues, try resetting the watch to factory settings and seeing how long the battery lasts on full power without linking it with the phone. Whether the battery lasts as long as the battery lasts, the battery drain will choose a custom configuration on the watch or Bluetooth capability.

7. Hard reset the system

Make sure the watch is securely fastened. It may be as simple as that. When the watch gets old, the battery can’t retain a charge for as long as it used to. Connect the watch to the computer. Resetting the watch is often as simple as reconnecting it to a device, just as recharging the batteries.

Hard Reset

Allow for a soft reset. The watch is practically reset as a result of this. Also, it prevents knowledge leaks. Make a rudimentary reset. Resetting restores the GPS looks to its factory-predefined condition, but Delete ON THE WATCH can also restore the GPS look, including synced and customization jobs.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is it possible to charge a Garmin forerunner 235 while still running?

The 235 can be charged while jogging, but we recommend getting a watch with longer battery life to avoid charging as much as possible.


It is normal to carry out your regular workouts using your Garmin smartwatch. But if it fails to turn on, use the information in the article above to bring your smartwatch to correct functioning.

Finally, it is essential to keep checking the condition of your Garmin forerunner 235 smartwatches frequently to ensure it is in good condition. Also, charge the smartwatch battery when necessary to avoid damaging its battery.

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