How to Fix the Aux Port in the Car – Easy Steps

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Having a sound system in your car is the most fabulous entertainment, and sometimes it can be disturbing if the AUX port fails to function. For music lovers, the issue can be disturbing and annoying. Several reasons prevent your AUX port from functioning correctly. For instance, a loose AUX port fails to create a connection to your Mp3 device with your car.

In such a situation, first, check the condition of the AUX port and detect any faults after turning it off. Further, if the port is loose, try fixing the issue yourself before seeking help from a professional mechanic. But, if the issue persists, it is advisable to seek help.

 Luckily, the information below provides the necessary steps to follow when fixing a faulty AUX port that is either loose or completely damaged. Also, when fixing the port, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Steps of troubleshooting a faulty AUX port in your car

An AUX port in a car may be completely damaged or loose and will require some fixation. When we use it regularly, many injections and rejects can damage or lose the AUX port. When we try to cram a cable into a tight space, the AUX port becomes unusable.

 If the AUX port fails, you may repair it yourself, and if you wish to replace it, you can do so as well. The springs that link the AUX port are different, and if one is missing, the detached port will not work. The following steps show how to repair the auxiliary port in your car.

Step 1: Switch off the car

Make sure there is no electric power in the car by turning it off. Short circuits can occur when the car is turned on.

Step 2: Wear protective clothing such as hand gloves

Ensure you wear hand gloves and safety eyewear to protect both the ears and the hands from any form of injury.

Step 3: Disconnect the car stereo from its position

To investigate what’s going on with the port, remove the stereo and unscrew the bottom cover. Ensure you investigate the port carefully and identify any faults.

Step 4: locate any spring disconnection

Place all of the springs on the board and, if any are disconnected, reconnect them. If all of the springs are ideally linked, press them together to see if anything is loose.

Step 5: Re-install spring back to the AUX carport

Re-insert it into the port and verify whether the AUX port is operating correctly. If it still doesn’t work, seek help from a professional mechanic to help you fix the AUX port successfully.  

Steps on how to replace an old AUX port in your car

Sometimes, the AUX port may be damaged beyond repair, preventing the car from working perfectly. To install a new AUX port, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Inspect the car stereo carefully and detect any faults

Check your car audio to see if it is in good condition and decide whether to replace it with a new one if it is a fault. To remove some car radios that are boarded with inside trim, you’ll need screws and a screwdriver. If the radio is not attached to the trim, it must be removed using DIN tools.

Step 2: Consult on the type of stereo that suits your car model

Check to see which stereo model is needed for your vehicle. The stereo model is critical since any other stereo model may not operate in your vehicle. Stereo models are readily available on the market, and you will have no trouble locating your preferred type.

Ensure you have the necessary cables necessary for installing a new AUX port in your car. An AUX cable is all that is required to connect a stereo with Red and White RCA outputs. To check the best stereo model, first, review the manufacturer’s manual guide and see if it is stated.

Step 3: Place a car radio

After getting the best stereo for your car, insert the car radio gently using the DIN tools. Insert it in the dashboard and recheck to see if you have placed it well. Pay more attention to installing the car stereo as poor installation may damage the whole radio system, thus increasing the cost of replacing the system with a new one.

Also, ensure the car radio is held tightly in position using the screws and a screwdriver. Also, it is essential to use a wrench to help you hold the screws during the screwing process.

Step 4: Install a new car stereo

Once you have inserted the car radio to its position, install the new stereo model in its location. Ensure all the wires are connected successfully to obtain the best results. Establish a connection between the AUX port and the stereo you are installing. Ensure the connection is exactly that of the old stereo and the same AUX cable.

Step 5: Test the car radio and the AUX port to see if they are functioning effectively

Test the car radio and the AUX port

Using a red and white adopter, specifically, an RCA, test the car stereo to see if it is functioning normally. When using the adapter, ensure you connect it to the AUX cable and port. If the issue persists after following the steps above, consider seeking help from a professional mechanic to help you identify the problem and fix it appropriately.

Methods of how to make an AUX produce a loud noise

Sometimes, the AUX may emit less noise than usual, and the noise may not match your preference. In such a state, it is essential to increase it by following the methods below.

1. Alter the Output Device

If the output device isn’t working, try switching to a different one. The issue may be with your device’s port. If the device is the source of the problem, no amount of troubleshooting will assist. So, before making any substantial modifications, try connecting another item to your car’s aux system.

2. Restart the connected device

If a device has been running for a long time, it will eventually fail. In this scenario, we recommend rebooting your device to see if it makes a difference.

3. Purchase a new aux cable for your car

new aux cable for your car

Some aux cables will have issues that you will not be aware of. In this scenario, we propose purchasing a fresh new automobile aux cable to solve the problem permanently. Your old cable may be loose inside, which is why you’re having volume issues.

4. Make use of A Small Headphone Amplifier

Some devices are made with a low volume in mind. When you connect them to your car’s aux input, they may not provide enough volume for you to enjoy. In this scenario, we suggest investing in a headphone amplifier to boost the loudness. A headphone amplifier increases the volume of your aux line by a significant amount. It also features a bass option to increase the sound quality from your automobile aux input.

Frequently asked questions

How much does an auxiliary port repair cost?

If you don’t want to buy something new, you can permanently repair it. However, the cost of repair will be determined by the difficulty of the job. Go out and get a new one when the price becomes too high.


It is essential to save money by fixing the AUX port issue in your car first before contacting a mechanic. To fix the issue, use the information above to fix and replace the ports if damaged beyond repair to allow you to drive while enjoying music.

The sound system in your car is usually connected to the car stereo. Therefore, it is essential to be careful when handling the stereo and the sound system when installing a new AUX port or when fixing a damaged AUX port in your car. 

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