Electric Oven Broiler Works Bake Does Not – What to Do?

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The electric oven broiler works together with the bake to bring the best results to many recipes. Sometimes the electric oven broiler could be working correctly, but the bake is not. This could be caused by some technical issues associated with the appliance. This breakdown makes many people get confused and even assume that the entire appliance is damaged.

However, this should not be the case as there are many ways of fixing the problem. In this article, I will talk about some significant causes of this problem. I will even outline some procedures to follow to fix them. Before consulting an expert, you can even try to fix yourself using the following tips and skills.

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What makes the oven broiler work but the bake fails

Faulty igniter

If the electric oven broiler is working, but the bake is not, the problem could be with the igniter. The igniter is used in modern electronic ovens to open the gas valve and to ignite the gas. It is located at the back of the oven. You could be using a broken burner igniter or the wrong one. Try using a match if the igniter is not working at all. A faulty igniter is likely to be the primary cause of poor oven operations.

Electric Oven Broiler

How the igniter works

Igniter draws electric current and heats up to a high temperature, thus causing a glow.  

How to know if the igniter is bad

To confirm if the igniter is bad, try putting the meter leads on the igniter terminals. If the measurement turns out to be around10 and 2500 ohms, then the igniter is okay. In case it shows no continuity, then you need to replace the igniter.

How to fix igniter problems

Test one of the burners on the oven at a time to see if it is receiving gas and igniting. Once you open the gas by setting a temperature on the oven, you should hear a few faint clicks followed by the sound of the gas igniting. If by any chance you do not hear any of this, turn the oven off and reconsider replacing the igniter. You can use a screw to disconnect the igniter from the appliance. You can easily replace the igniter utilizing a screw and tightening everything back in the oven.

You first need to remove the electric oven broiler or storage drawer to get the igniter. Make sure you turn off the power before replacing it. In case you find it difficult to replace the igniter, you can always seek expert help.

Burnt wire connection

In other cases, the baked power supply wires can burn especially near the heating elements and show no visible damage. Heating elements, in most cases, are located inside the oven. Try to replace the burnt wire and check whether the problem is solved.

A blown thermal fuse

The problem could be arising from a blown thermal fuse. The fuse can be blown due to wiring issues. The problem could also occur from the appliance. The fuse will block the supply of power into the bake hence causing some problems. The bake will not operate well since there is an inadequate power supply.

How a thermal fuse works

The fuse automatically opens the circuit when the temperature in the oven is too high. It is an essential tool for gauging the temperature of a high heat source. Monitoring and control of the temperature are very critical when baking. This is because different recipes require different temperatures in the oven.

How to detect if the thermal fuse is blown

Fuses are primarily located under the flip-up lid, near the controls, and even beneath the appliance. The electrical multimeter is ideal for detecting a blown fuse. Go for the multimeter that measures AC and DC voltage. The multimeter is used to test continuity. When the fuse tests negative for continuity, then it is already blown.

When the results turn out to be positive, then the fuse is okay. This implies that the problem could not be arising from the oven.

How the problem is solved

Get rid of a blown fuse for a new one. When you are replacing the thermal, it is always advisable to use the same amperage. The way the fuse functions when the environment is too hot helps protect your oven. At room temperature, the circuit needs to be closed and functioning. One needs to test the fuse before replacing it.

This can be achieved by reading its resistance using a multimeter. Be keen to check whether the resistance is low at room temperature. Since this is a unique tool in the oven, you need to install it more carefully. Contact an electrician if you find the process too challenging.

Faulty temperature sensor

Temperature sensor monitors and the appliance temperature more constantly. If there are any defects associated with it, it becomes a problem for the oven to heat. Most electric oven broilers and ovens have a digital display. The sensor should not touch the inside part of the oven.

How the oven sensor works

A temperature sensor in the oven changes resistance depending on the ambient temperatures. Wiring is used to connect the sensor to the control. The control reads the resistance changes in the sensor and reacts. It can respond by either opening or closing electrical relays to turn power to the oven elements on or off.

How to detect a faulty temperature sensor

You can use an ohmmeter to check whether the sensor is functional. As the temperature of the oven rises, the resistance should also rise. If the resistance increases when the temperature of the oven increases, then the temperature sensor is damaged. This is the best device to confirm the functionality of the sensor. Regular checkups are always advisable.

How to fix a faulty temperature sensor

Check to ensure that the temperature sensor is not touching the inside part of the oven. This will make it difficult to measure the internal temperature of the oven more accurately. If there are any defects associated with the sensor, replacing it with a new one is ideal. Seek experts help if you are unable to fix the problem on your own.

A defect in the heating elements

The problem could be arising from a defect in the heating elements. An electric oven is composed of two components. This is the baking and the broiling. It is easy to detect which element is defective. This is because a functional element glows bright red.

If the baking element is not working, the only choice left is to replace it. If it does not operate after the replacement, you may have an electrical issue with your appliance. Test the wires that are hooked to the baking element using a voltage meter. This is because there could be a loose connection or bad wire causing your baking element not to function.


In conclusion, there are numerous causes of baking element failure in an electric oven. The above article clearly illustrates the possible causes and how to fix them. The problem could arise from the igniter, thermal fuse, temperature sensor, or even the wire connection and power supply. You can quickly resolve the issues on your following the above tips.

If one tip fails, try going for another one. This is because that particular tip may not be the cause of the oven failure. If you cannot fix the problems on your own, seeking experts helps will do much better. Always go for the most reputable and positively reviewed technicians. This is because unskilled experts may end up damaging the entire appliance.

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