Acurite Wind Speed Not Working – Easy Way to Fix

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Winter comes with strong winds and storms that if you don’t have an AcuRite Wind Speed device, you may get into a mess. You want to get a peek of your weather station, but unfortunately, the AcuRite isn’t working; it’s annoying. You will feel insecure with such an issue, especially if you’re in places with unpredictable weather patterns.

Many questions will run into your head like “why is my AcuRite Wind Speed Not working?” well, this article is here with all the necessary information that you might need for your questions. It provides you with typical reasons for such an issue and how to go about it.

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Possible Problems with AcuRite Wind Speed and their easy FIX

1.  The device won’t turn on

Sometimes your device might show no response without any power sign. This means that the Wind Speed isn’t working. The following might be possible problems.

Acurite Wind Speed

2. Faulty sensor

Test your AcuRite device in both high and low-temperature surroundings. In case the humidity, rainfall, or temperature measurements aren’t displayed correctly, the 5-in-1 sensor is likely to be problematic. Before doing anything, you should first disconnect the device from any outlet.

Search and locate the A-B-C switch; it’s usually found in the battery bay or compartment. Once you’ve located the button, please set it to C, B, or A. For synchronization purposes, it’s advisable to use the same letter selection for both the display units and the sensor.

Replace or install lithium-ion batteries (specifically); experts don’t recommend using heavy-duty batteries. The sensor is highly compatible with lithium-ion batteries, especially in low-temperature surroundings. Remember to replace or install the batteries as recommended by the 5-in-1 sensor to run.

3. The screen display isn’t responding

For this issue, you are required to check the batteries and ensure they are correctly inserted. On occasions where they are correctly inserted, they might be out of charge or fully drained. Installing the ones can solve this problem.

However, if battery replacement fails to work, resetting the display might be the solution. You can do this by simply pressing the reset button on the back of the screen. However, it would help if you did not forget that doing so will force you to reset the time and date afterward.

4. Problematic temperature fan

With such a defect, experts recommend checking if the machine’s batteries require replacement or not. On the occasion where the batteries are fully charged and are correctly inserted, but the problem persists; the temperature fan can be faulty. Power the machine and then listen carefully near the lover; the fan is usually poisoned beneath the solar panel.

You need to listen to whether the fan is rotating or not; if it’s spinning but not working expectedly, cleaning can be a suitable solution. You should perform cleaning before utilizing battery power. However, if the fan doesn’t spin at all, there could be an obscuring object, preventing the fan from rotating.

It’s advisable to use long tools like a screwdriver or a pencil to access the housing of the temperature fan carefully. It would help if you tried to hold the fan with your instrument to loosen it or remove any obstacle. The fan will immediately start spinning once this problem is addressed.

The device doesn’t synchronize with other devices

If the AcuRite Wind Speed doesn’t sync or communicate with other available wireless devices, the following are likely to be the problem.

1. Troublesome Wireless Connection

Under this issue, you are supposed to locate the display and the 5-in-1 330 feet (100 meters) away from each other. Remember also to place the devices away from ‘Mouthy’ electronic appliances. These noisy devices might disrupt wireless communication, like microwaves, computers, or TVs.

If there’s no reception, your AcuRite’s Batteries might be problematic; drained, or not correctly inserted. Please remove them and energize the adapter in each device and then take them indoors. Try reinstalling the batteries before powering the adapter.

Please place them at a significant distance from each other and wait for around 20 minutes to develop a robust connection. It would help if you used typical lithium-ion batteries to energize the sensors whenever the external temperature falls below -4°F or -20°C. It is simple as that and the problematic wireless connection will be solved.

2. The device won’t update software

Here is another problem associated with AcuRite Wind Speed, preventing it from being detected on the computer. Besides, the software becomes unresponsive when an update is required. Use the following guide to fix the issue:

3. Issues with Software Update

Once you experience such an issue, you should first connect your computer to a network when downloading the software; do so when you’re off the company’s website. If the problem prevails, ensure firewall settings are set to accept downloads from third-party sites. You are doing this simply as you only have to disable firewall settings or change security settings temporarily.

Repeat the download process, and if you see no changes, confirm whether you’re downloading the right and compatible version. An incorrect version won’t comply with the available operating system.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can I lubricate my AcuRite Wind cups?

Cleaning your AcuRite Wind cups is inevitable, and you can do so using the following steps:

  Unscrew the sensor’s wind cup

  Apply a little lubricant to the hole

  Tip the AcuRite Iris™ Sensor upside-down

  Return the screw into its hole

How should I reset the humidity monitor of my AcuRite?

After confirming that the batteries with your AcuRite are recommended, carefully detach the chemistries for at least two minutes. This will give the unit enough time to power down before reinstalling batteries completely. Don’t just rush operating the appliance; instead, give it not less than 20 minutes to adapt to its environs before likening readings.


Operating with the AcuRite Wind Speed not working problem is demoralizing, mainly when you do not know these devices. Contacting experienced personnel is one of the recommended ways to fix the issue, but you can do it yourself as well. You need the correct information (which is in this article) to diagnose and cure the problems. The above DIY guides will save you from spending too much on experts.

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