Acurite Smart Hub Not Working – What Can Be Done

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If you own an AcuRite Smart HUB, then you have come across questions like ‘why is my AcuRite Smart HUB not working?’ No one would wish to experience such an issue because configuring and sometimes working on it can be challenging. Various factors may be making your AcuRite stop working correctly and sometimes can get offline.

For example, when one of its sensors is offline or the screen has a warning sign, it’s advisable to consider the following issues with their possible solutions. You can fix this issue by yourself, but you need the necessary skill to get from this article. Create sometimes, and when you are ready to go.

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I receive a fault message when adding a SmartHUB – “Device must be registered and be reporting data to claim it.”

This is an error message that pops up when you enter an incorrect or unrecognized Device ID by the My AcuRite. Therefore, if you want to add any device, you must abide by the following two requirements:

  1. The device has an internet connection and is paired with My AcuRite
  2. While connecting to My AcuRite, I receive at least one sensor reading. But indeed, the detected AcuRite sensor is already in range with the device.

This art concludes the registration necessities, allowing you to supplement the AcuRite Connection Gadget to your account.

Acurite Smart Hub

Possible solutions for this problem

  1. On occasions where the Connection Gadget was just energized, give it not less than 10 minutes for your device to fully register and pair with My AcuRite.
  2. Scrutinize and affirm whether the device is internet connection enabled
  3. Smart HUB Connection Device verifies the device has a network connection (internet).- In case the Network Status Light often flashes in 30-second intervals, the device isn’t connected to any network. This indicator is positioned on the Smart HUB left-side; if you see some irritating interval flashes, then you must act.- Suppose the AcuRite smart hub is connected to a network and is conveying sensor interpretations to My AcuRite. In that case, the Network Status Light will flash for a second every time the sensor reading is directed to My AcuRite.
  4. Confirm one sensor be situated in wireless Connection Device range-On occasions where the sensor of the Smart HUB status light is flashing swiftly, it implies that the sensor isn’t in the wireless range of your device. The device is expecting no interpretations. Therefore, you must locate a sensor within 330 feet range (100 meters) away from your Connection Device.
  5. De-energize the device for at least two minutes and then power it again- This step tries to establish newfangled networking to
    – The connection process may go up to ten minutes for your device to fruitfully register and pair with My AcuRite.
  6. After ten minutes is over, add the device once more. But, you have to confirm the 12-character Device ID.
    You are then supposed to insert the last six digits that are automatically produced for you. In case the ID has a zero number, then there’s no need to insert the letter O.

Fixing the Smart HUB AcuRite that doesn’t have an internet connection

If the Network Status Light rapidly beeps after 30 seconds, your AcuRite Smart HUB won’t develop a network connection. You should note that, at a routine operation, the Network Status Light of the Smart HUB will flash after every one second, anytime the sensor recordings are directed to My AcuRite.

Possible solutions

Remember to connect the Ethernet cable firmly. However, if the line is defective, replace it immediately before joining it back. More so, you have to ensure the DHCP on the available router is enabled. If it’s your lucky day, the DHCP with you is automatically enabled.

Inspect the settings of your network router. If the MAC address filtering security is enabled, the router will probably not accept the outbound signal for the Smart HUB device. You can revise the user manual to get more information about the network router.

However, you should note that its MAC address is the AcuRite Smart HUB particularly the 12-character Device ID. Sometimes, the Ethernet port of your router might be defective. You can confirm this by using the cable on another different port. If the problem prevails, probably the line is problematic.

Fixing continuous AcuRite Smart HUB Status light (flashing rapidly)

In situations where the sensor Status Light flashes quickly, it means that the Smart HUB has not detected any sensor reading in a minute time. Use the following recommendations to try and fix the issue:

Possible solutions

Are there no interpretations being expected by the device? You must locate a sensor within 330 feet range (100 meters) away from your Connection Device. Furthermore, you should ensure that the batteries of the sensor are correctly installed. It would help if you also wanted to make sure that the sensor itself is energized. Replacing the drain’s batteries can solve battery issues.

It would help if you also had to locate the Connection Device within a 3-feet range from “Mouthy” disruptive electronic devices. Some of these ‘noisy’ home appliances are; microwaves and TVs. You should try as much as possible to avoid surfaces close to large concretes or stoners, or metallic surfaces.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What should I do when my AcuRite is offline?

The eminence of any sensor consists of its wireless signal strength and battery level to the Connection Device. It also has the time and dates. My AcuRite got the last sensor information, and so when it is offline, readings from the sensor haven’t been detected for not less than 2 hours.

Where can I get the Device ID of my AcuRite?

You will find the device ID located beneath the Access of the AcuRite Access™.


If you’re still experiencing some challenges, contact a trusted expert to do the job. But before that, I would advise you to go through the above problems and their specific solutions. The guide is handy, educating you with commonly experienced challenges and how to fix them. Once you have this knowledge, there is no need to pay extra cash on skilled personnel.

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