Canon Camera Wont Turn On – How to Fix?

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Canon cameras exist in different forms. Some canon cameras are complex, while others are easy to fix. Despite the Canon cameras being the best cameras, they may experience problems such as LCD not displaying images or the camera not turning on.

All these problems require fixation for them to continue functioning appropriately. In many 0occassions, your camera may fail to turn on as expected. This article will help you understand how you can troubleshoot your camera when it fails to turn on.

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Step by step guide on how to fix a Canon camera not turning on

Canon cameras may experience issues that can cause them not to turn on. You can experience the problem from time to time, and you are required to troubleshoot the problem to make your canon camera turn on. The steps below will help you identify the cause of your canon camera not turning on and how to troubleshoot the problems.

Several reasons may cause your canon camera not to turn on. For instance, if your camera batteries are dead, dirt has accumulated on the inside of the camera, among others.

Canon Camera troubleshooting

Step 1: Check battery conditions if they are dead

When your canon camera fails to turn on, ensure that you check the batteries in good shape. Firstly, check if your battery is dead. Once your battery dies, the only way to troubleshoot the batteries is by replacing them with new ones. Therefore, ensure you buy canon camera batteries that fit your camera. Lastly, ensure that you buy batteries of high quality, which may last longer from a licensed seller.

Step 2: check canon camera batteries if they are correctly inserted

Make sure you inspect your canon batteries if they are correctly connected. Sometimes you may insert canon batteries inappropriately, and therefore your canon camera fails to turn on. Open your canon camera slot and remove the batteries that you inserted incorrectly.

Insert the batteries in the correct position and try turning on your canon camera. If it fails to turn on, try charging the batteries and checking other reasons that may cause your batteries not to turn on.

Step 3: Canon camera batteries not charging

Everyone tends to forget charging canon cameras before using them. The tendency of not charging your batteries will automatically make your canon camera fail to turn on as expected. Moreover, check if your batteries have been charged.

Most of the time, your canon camera fails to turn on because you haven’t changed the batteries at all. Therefore, ensure that you have charged your canon camera batteries until they are ultimately charged before using the camera.

Step 4: Check your canon camera batteries for any dirt

Sometimes, dirt can accumulate on your canon camera batteries terminal and hinder power transmission from the batteries to the camera, hindering your camera from turning on. Once you experience such issues, first, get a dry clean cloth and try cleaning the battery terminals to remove all dirt or foreign materials from the battery terminals.

Try connecting the battery back and turn on your camera. If your camera fails to turn on after cleaning the battery terminals, try charging the batteries until complete. Once again, attempt turning on your canon camera. If the problem persists, check if your camera battery is dead and try carrying out some replacements.

Step 5: Check the battery compartment door if it is closed

When the compartment battery door is not closed, your canon camera won’t turn on. To troubleshoot the problem, ensure you close the battery door securely. Moreover, replace the camera battery door if it has been completely damaged. Finally, try fixing the camera battery door if there is a small problem on the door that is fixable.

Try turning your canon camera and see if the problem is fixed. If it has not been fixed, consider other reasons that can cause your camera battery to fail to turn on.

Step 6: Inspect the camera connecting wires

Most of the time, wires which allow power to pass and turn on your camera may become loose or blown out. If your wires are loose, first, open your camera carefully and try tightening the wires using the right screwdriver. After tightening the wires, close your camera and try turning. Once it fails to turn on, check the wires if they are in a good state by testing them.

Once your wires are damaged, replace them using the required wires to avoid damaging your camera. Try turning on your canon camera after fixing the wires appropriately. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions while fixing the wires. Lastly, if you cannot troubleshoot the issue, consult a professional to help you get your camera fixed.

Step 7: Check your entire canon camera carefully

After trying to troubleshoot all the issues causing your canon camera not to turn on, try checking your whole camera if it is a good condition. Sometimes, your camera won’t turn on because it is completely damaged beyond repair.  

Once you experience such kinds of issues, you are required to replace the whole canon camera. Before replacing, visit a professional to know if your camera can be repaired. If the camera is irreparable, get another camera from a licensed seller and adjust the camera settings described by the manufacturer.

Frequently asked questions

Why do my canon camera images look different than the actual images?

Your camera does not match the LCD image and the actual photo image. Check the camera’s settings and try to set the image display while removing the exaggerated display. Try testing your camera and see if the image captured is the same as the actual image.

Why does my LCD not display an image?

Sometimes, your DISP button can turn the LCD on and off without you noticing. Therefore, press the DISP button and turn the LCD on. LCD will then display the camera photos you have captured.


Regular canon camera checkups are essential and help the user identify any problem early enough before the whole camera is damaged. The steps above can help you fix your camera problem when it fails to turn on. The steps are simple and easy to apply.

Finally, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on troubleshooting your camera in case of any problem. Also, ensure you maintain your canon camera as stated by the manufacturer.

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