Frigidaire Affinity Washer Starts Then Stops- Causes & Solutions

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Washing machines are essential in reducing the labor needed when washing, thus saving energy modes. There are several washing machines, one being the Frigidaire affinity washing machine that most users mainly recommend due to its benefits. The benefits include; saves labor and energy, comes with many features such as automatic sensors, among others. Despite the machine being beneficial, it may keep shutting off due to several reasons: fault machine motor and insufficient power supply.

The process of troubleshooting such an approach is easy, and sometimes it isn’t easy. For instance, first, check all the washing machine components and identify the leading cause of the machine’s shutting on and off. It is advisable to understand the Frigidaire affinity washing machine parts before carrying out the troubleshooting process.

The guide below describes the common causes of the Frigidaire affinity washing machine’s starting and then stops abruptly. Moreover, the article summarizes the steps necessary for fixing a failing Frigidaire affinity washing machine.

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The leading cause of the Frigidaire Affinity washer starting and then stopping and what to do

Many washing machines now include automatic detergent dispensing, time and soil sensors, load size sensors, and water level adaption, as well as automatic energy-saving settings. The one feature that owners may not appreciate is if the washing machine keeps shutting off independently. Identifying the cause of the washer’s shut-off will also aid in the search for a solution.

Overloading The Motor

1. Overloading the motor

If the engine overheats, the washing machine may come to an abrupt halt to prevent the motor from severe or permanent damage. Look for possible causes of the washing machine overheating, such as power issues or overloading, and fix them if possible. Disconnect the washing machine’s electricity and wait 30 minutes for it to reset before reconnecting it. If the washing machine continues to stop after troubleshooting, call a service professional.

2. Low water supply

If the water supply is turned off or reduced, the washing machine may shut down unexpectedly and stop working. Ensure the cold and hot water faucets are both switched on and that the hoses are securely attached to the water faucets and the washing machine. Straighten the hoses and clean the inlet screens on the hoses and the washing machine.

Low Water Supply

3. Overusing the Frigidaire Affinity washer

If the washing machine is a high-efficiency type, it may immediately stop if it detects too many suds in the tub. Some varieties will rinse and drain the suds for you. Other models will remain turned off until the problem is rectified by starting a new rinse and drain cycle and letting the water and suds drain completely.

For detailed information on your washing machine and overusing it, consult the user handbook.

4. Electricity

If the washing machine’s power source is interrupted or diminished, the device may shut down. Replace or reset the household fuse or circuit breaker box as needed.

5. Assembly for the Door Lock Motor and Switch

During operation, the door lock keeps the washer door shut. The washer can start functioning after the door is closed. The door switch prohibits the washer from working if the door is not locked shut. The washer may stop in the middle of a cycle if the door lock is broken. A mechanical or electrical failure of the door lock is possible.

Examine the door lock for any signs of wear and tear. Replace the door lock if it is damaged or does not latch properly. Consult your washer’s schematic and test each door lock switch for continuity with a multimeter to see if the door lock has failed electrically. Replace the switch if one of the switches does not have continuity.

6. Broken water inlet valve

The valve opens during the rinse cycle, allowing water to enter the washtub. If the water inlet valve malfunctions, the washer will keep waiting for water to enter, forcing it to halt in the middle of the cycle. Use a multimeter to test the water inlet valve for continuity to see whether it’s broken. Replace the water inlet valve if it does not have continuity.

7. A faulty main control board

The main control board may be broken. If the Frigidaire affinity washing machine main board fails to function, as usual, the machine keeps starting and shutting off immediately. The primary control board, on the other hand, is rarely to blame for this symptom. Check all of the more typically defective parts before replacing the main control board. If the control board is damaged, consider replacing it with a new one that suits the washing machine perfectly.

Faulty Main Control Board

8. Timer

The timer may be broken if the washing machine keeps shutting off and then starting. The timer is frequently misdiagnosed; examine all of the more usually malfunctioning elements before replacing the timer. Consult your washer’s wiring diagram and test the timer for continuity with a multimeter to see whether it’s malfunctioning.

Frequently asked questions

How can I troubleshoot other Frigidaire affinity washing machine problems?

1. The washing machine fails to spin or load too wet

1st Step

To tiny loads, add additional clothing. If the load is too little, the washer will not spin.

2nd Step

If clothing gets too damp after spinning, remove certain items from large loads. Restart the spinning process.

3rd Step

To ensure proper spinning, balance the load. If the load is uneven, the washer will not spin properly.

4th Step

Get rid of the objects clogging the drain hose. The clogging substances prevent the washer from draining dirty water during the spinning cycle.

2. Frigidaire washing machine failing to start

  1. Check the condition of the fuses and the breakers with the power cord. To turn thrown breakers on, push the switches to the “On” position. Replace any foggy or black fuses with new ones after unscrewing and removing them.
  2. Completely turn on the faucets that supply water. To fully open the knobs, turn them counterclockwise.
  3. Allow time for the washer to cool. The motor may have overheated. Call for service if the problem persists.

3. Frigidaire affinity washing machine producing noise

1st Step

If you hear rattling or clicking sounds, turn off the washing machine. Remove any clogging objects such as organic debris found inside the washing machine drum by opening the door. Check to see whether any clothes are held in the washing machine metal fasteners. Reboot the Frigidaire affinity washing machine.

2nd Step 

 If a funny noise such as a thumping sound is emitted, redistribute the clothes weight. Stop the washing process and change the position of the garment. Oversized loads are known to generate a thumping sound.

3rd Step 

 If the washer vibrates, level it. Placing a level on top of the washer is a good idea. Turn the washer’s leveling legs clockwise and counterclockwise until it’s level.

4. The washing machine fails to fill with water

  1. Check the water pressure, especially the areas around the washing machine faucet. Leave the machine for some time until the water pressure increases before turning on the faucet. Restart the washing after turning off the tap.
  2. To entirely turn on the water supply faucets, turn them counterclockwise. To fill the washer with enough water pressure, turn on all of the water supply faucets.


Although the Frigidaire washing machine is beneficial, it may fail to function as usual when starting. Several reasons result in the machine starting and stopping, and they include; interruption of power supply source, interrupting the water supply source.

When handling the Frigidaire affinity washing machine, it is essential to take precautions. Examples of the precautions include; avoid using too much washing agent, ensuring there is a continuous water supply, and finally ensuring there is sufficient water before beginning the washing process.

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