How to Check If Cable Outlet Is Active – Complete Guide

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The most convenient way to connect electrical devices and televisions to the main splitter or the distribution panel is by using cable outlets. You may have a difficult modern-day life without these cable outlets. Otherwise, cable outlets are very important in our daily life, but if only the cable outlets are active, you can use them. What if the cable outlet is inactive, and how do you inspect it? It is challenging to test these cables’ outlets because it may need time to determine where the other point tail of the coax comes to an end. 

In this article, I will show you how to look at whether your outlet cable is active or not. Testers who are specialized can be the best tool for testing outlet cable jacks. They are far better once compared to multimeters because there is no need to bring both terminations in close proximity for a wire trial. First, I will describe the steps, then discuss cable outlets. In the end, I will provide some guidelines on how to build a cable outlet shortly.

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Building cable outlet

Best coax tester

Assume you have installed an outlet cable, but it doesn’t work after some days. You need to think about the expenses incurred previously behind this. Maybe you spend around 75-480 USD. The project ranges between 133USD to 287 USD typically. Each of the holder units may cost from 3-50USD depending on preference choice, type, and quality. However, an electrician may cost between 45-100USD for every one hour.

coax cable

Although it depends on the pro, you require it. In most cases, we have one cable outlet for every room in our homes.  Most cable companies mostly use coaxial cable so that they can conduct television cable to customers. These cables are easily connected from the wall outlet straight to the wire box or the television.

You may need to test the cable outlet, then use a coax tester. If you need a specific recommendation, you can look at the coax tester purchased from Amazon.

How to know that the cable outlet is working or active

We will go through the procedure to test whether the cable outlet is active or inactive.

cable outlet testing

Step 1

First, check where the cable outlet meets with the distribution panel in the wall or the splitter. If you find that the cable is not connected to the distribution hub, it may be one of the reasons why it is not working as required.

Your cable outlet must attach the wall or distribution hub correctly. Then what you need to do is to contact an electrician to solve this problem. Just screw the cable outlet clockwise direction to the distribution panel or hub of the wall.

If it is not well terminated correctly, push on the coaxial adapter pin added. That is the first step of checking and fixing the cable outlet.

Step 2

You need to screw the coaxial wire smaller length on the electrical connector or the wall jack for this step. Ensure you also screw other points corresponding to the fortified post in the toolbar.

Step 3

In this step, you need to inspect and check the anterior part, which measures units. If the indicator light shows red illuminated, it means that the wire is bad and requires replacing.

Step 4

If the indicator light remains dim, then press the test button, then have keen monitoring of the light. If the light turns green, then you should not worry because the cable is in good condition.

Step 5

Lastly, you can continue with the close monitoring of the light indicators. However, if indicator lights turn red, then you should not consider it as a normal thing. There could be a discontinuity in wire or maybe a result of a short circuit.

After all, if it remains dim, it may be because of the poor connector or the adapter termination faults, or poorly connected with the distribution panel at the end terminal. Some of the cable outlets may be easier to clean, probably because they have a smooth exterior surface. Some brands also contain a metal framework that is a color–match in which they include screws.

You may need to purchase these outlet cables because they are resistant to organic solvents and oils, fading, or discoloration. For instance, Leviton’s cable is the best where soft mount telephone or plate connection for video are needed.

An average plate can be 3/8″ taller and wider when it is compared with a typical plate; this helps in disguising irregularity if any or large opening wall; thus, it ensures a clean and professionalized finish.

For housing materials, you should order high-impact outlet cables. You should ensure your jacks are of the highest quantity. There are different types of available wire too.

An example of a well-known brand outlet cable industry, the Leviton, offers a nice purchase for you with a full selection of several wall plate configurations to suit further needs. It is very easy to pick up the product from different sizes, including midsize, standard, and jumbo. Large versions and midsize are the best to cover all imperfections on the wall.

How to build a cable outlet on your own

At home, you can build a cable outlet easily. Below are outlined steps that are easy to follow in coming up with a cable outlet.

  1. Firstly you should trace around using a pencil the electrical box
  2. Secondly, drill a hole at the top plate of your wall. You may require to use a drill machine to execute this. Look at the drill machine, which comes from amazon
  3. Thirdly take a measure starting from the stud to the ending of the wall.
  4. Once you finish that, you poke through the ceiling, which is above the hole.
  5. After that, you spade to drill a hole.
  6. Once you reach that point, then tape the coax cable outlet at the end.
  7. Finally, start by pulling the tape fish up the wall. After all that, it means by following these steps, you can build a cable outlet easily. It is a simple project that can be handled at home by anybody.

Ensure you carefully follow these steps for the best cable outlet.


This article has highlighted steps in which one can check whether the cable outlet is active or inactive. Check the place where the cable outlet meets with the distribution or splitter on your wall. Screw the coaxial wire’s smaller length on the electrical connector or the wall jack. Also, ensure you inspect the anterior panel measuring unit. In case your indicator light remains dim, then press the test button. Finally, continue monitoring light indicators, and if by any chance the light turns red, then do not normalize it as there could be other underlying issues.

By following the above procedure, you should check and inspect if the cable outlet is active or not. Ensure you follow them keenly and be sure you will end up with the best results. In case of any challenges, it would help best if you consult an expert to guide you. It is very critical to determine the status of your cable before using it. This helps to obtain better connections for your devices and avoid any issues that might result.

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