Davis Vantage Pro2 Low Battery on Station 1 – What Can Be Done?

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The Davis vantage pro2 provides more information for each weather station. These systems have been the best and highly flexible. Moreover, Davis vantage pro2 is also designed to be used at home to record weather temperature, humidity, rainfall, and barometric pressure. It uses different sources of power and even backup generators.

Once your Davis Vantage, your weather station will notify you that your battery is running low. However, you can notice some changes on your Davis Vantage pro2 system, such as inappropriate recordings of your temperature, humidity, and pressure as a sign that your system battery is running low. You will need to troubleshoot the problem, with the first step being replacing your system battery.

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Davis vantage pro2 low battery

There are two alerts when your battery is running low. The two alerts include; transmitter low battery and console low battery.

davis vantage pro2

How to replace Davis vantage pro2 batteries

The Davis vantage weather system has two consoles: indoor console Davis vantage pro2 while the other is outdoor console Davis vantage pro2. Indoor console pro2 systems operate using battery power and also main power or even both. In contrast, the outdoor console pro2 weather system uses a solar panel with a backup battery.

Indoor console pro2 weather system

The indoor console pro2 weather system uses three batteries in total. Others supply power, while the rest are backups when there are power outages. The following steps describe how to change the batteries of the indoor console pro2 weather system.

Step 1: Locate the position of the battery cover

First, find the position of your Davis vantage pro2 battery cover. Check the battery cover if it is in good condition.

Step 2: Remove the battery cover

Remove the battery cover from Davis Vantage pro2 located at the back of the vantage by flipping the vintage over.

Step 3: Remove the old batteries from the battery slot

After removing the battery cover, remove the old batteries from the battery slot carefully without damaging the system’s terminals. Get rid of the old batteries by disposing of them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Poor disposal of the batteries can pollute the environment and affect the health of individuals around the area.

Step 4: Install the three C-Cell new batteries carefully

Install each battery into its appropriate battery slots. Ensure the batteries fit in their battery slot. Moreover, ensure the batteries you are using are of high quality. When inserting the new cells, ensure that battery terminals correctly match the terminals of the system.

Step 5: Reinstall the battery cover

Check the battery cover if damaged before reinstalling. Slowly but firmly, place the battery cover on the battery slot and cover it tightly.

Step 6: Try lighting up your Davis vantage pro2

After inserting the new batteries successfully, try turning on your Davis vantage pro2 console indoor system. The LCD elements will automatically light your system. If the system lights, the design, and the batteries used are in good condition, but if it fails to light, check the system for any problems. Also, check your batteries if they are correctly placed. If your system is damaged, try troubleshooting the problems and again try turning it on with the new batteries in position.

Step 7: Press the “DONE” button and hold it for some seconds before releasing it

First, find the location of the “DONE” button and hold it for a couple of seconds until you access the main screen. Release the switch slowly. Ensure you replace the rear battery cover after you are satisfied that the batteries are working correctly.

Outdoor sensor suit Davis vantage pro2

The outdoor sensor pro2 uses one battery. The following steps describe how to replace batteries of the outdoor sensor suite.

Step 1: Locate the battery cover

Locate the battery place of the outdoor sensor suite. Unscrew slowly using a screwdriver and remove the rear battery cover to see the battery.

Step 2: Remove the old battery from the battery slot

After locating the position of the batter, remove the rear battery cover from the battery slot. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3: Dispose of the old battery

Get rid of the old battery following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 4: Reinstall the new battery into the battery slot

Insert the new battery while observing the polarity. Ensure you insert the battery into its correct battery slot. Use the appropriate battery for the Davin vantage system.

Step 5: Replace the rear battery cover

Place the rear battery cover back to its position and screw it tightly.

Step 6: Press the transmitter ID for a couple of seconds

Press the transmitter ID for a couple of seconds and release the button. Try testing the system to see if the batteries are functioning properly.

Frequently asked questions

How can I troubleshoot my Davin vantage pro2, which is not displaying readings on my computer?

Readings may not display on the computer because the logger is connected to an Envoy console hindering your computer screen from displaying weather readings. You can troubleshoot the problem by first rebooting your whole system.

Troubleshoot your computer, and your system is simple and easy to perform as long as you carefully follow the recommended steps for troubleshooting. Secondly, troubleshoot installation problems if you have any especially new installation. Use the following considerations to troubleshoot the problem.

  1. Rebooting your computer together with your system.
  2. If your system fails, unplug the power cable from your computer for a couple of seconds, around 15 to 35 seconds, then plug it back in to see if your computer displays readings.
  3. Try closing and restarting your computer programs. Refresh all computer programs and see if your computer displays readings.

Why is my Davin vantage pro2 not registering rainfall?

Check if anything is blocking your device since the blockage hinders communication with your ISS.


In conclusion, ensure you usually change your Davin vantage pro2 batteries often to improve the accuracy of your device. This article will help you know how to change your device’s batteries in case the machine starts recording inaccurate readings.

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