Duralast Jump Starter 700 Wont Charge – Easy Solutions

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A duralast jump starter is a power unit that is used to start vehicles in cases of emergency. It is always advisable to carry an extra and a fully charged duralast jump starter just in case. Imagine how one can be frustrated if the duralast jump starter does not charge and maybe he or she is traveling.

Duralast jump starter usually has a compressor for any inflating purposes. Other than the compressor, it also has a port to aid in charging other electoral devices. In circumstances where the duralast jump starter does not charge, there are ways in which one can fix it and work properly. This article will help you when your power unit does not respond to power.

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Things to consider before charging your jump starter

Any charging should always be done in a dry, well-ventilated, and very safe place. Batteries produce very explosive gases when they are charging, and thus no charging should be done close to children for safety purposes. The following precautions should be observed when charging a duralast jump starter.

1. You should always make sure your eyes are protected. Types of eye protectors that can be used are;

  1. General safety glasses
  2. Laser safety glasses
  3. Chemical splash goggles
  4. Impact goggles

2. After using your jump starter, you should immediately charge it to prolong the battery life. When not in use, the battery drains off the charge, and hence it should be charged as many times as possible to maintain the battery’s maximum capacity.

3. Where one lives in cold areas, always make sure you warm your battery if frozen to at least zero degrees Celsius and then charge it. It would help if you never charged your duralast jump starter when frozen.

4. Turn off all the jumpstarter’s functions. DC appliances should not be operated with the jump starter when charging with an AC charger.

5. Do not crush, cut, pull, entangle or even expose adapter cords to a lot of heat.

6. If the jump starter’s charger is damaged, do not try charging with it at any time.

duralast jump starter

A guide on charging a peak jump starter 600 AMP

It is set to charge using a 110/120-volt outlet AC, usually within the jump starter. Compared to other starters, this type does not contain an extension cord, and hence you need to buy yourself one. Always confirm the battery percentage before charging. You confirm by locating the status button at the front and then press and hold it. It is always advisable to charge it for 24 hours for the first time.

Steps to follow when charging

  1. Disconnect all the DC appliances from the DC power socket and then switch off all the switches.
  2. At the back of your jump starter, locate the AC charging plug
  3. Connect both the extension plug and the AC plug
  4. Connect an external AC power cord to an AC outlet
  5. On your display, it will read FL; this means that the charging has started
  6. Disconnect the extension cord from the outlet and also from the charging plug.

Charging a duralast jump starter 750 AMP

This type of jump starter is not accompanied by an AC charging adapter when bought; hence you need to buy one. It contains short circuit output protection for safety.

Simple steps when charging

  1. Turn off all the duralast jump starter’s switches
  2. Plug your AC adapter into the charging port of your duralast jump starter
  3. Connect the adapter to a source of power
  4. The duralast will display LED, meaning the charging has started, but if not, switch off the power and check the connections again.
  5. After the charging is complete, turn off the power.
  6. Disconnect the charging adapter from the jump starter.
  7. Keep your adapter safe and wait for some time before using your duralast jump starter.

Steps on how to charge an ever start jump starter 750 AMP

  1. Make sure you turn off all the switches on your jump starter
  2. On to your ever start charging port, connect the AC charging adapter
  3. Connect the end of the plug to a source of power
  4. When charging begins, the display will show that the jump starter is in charging mode. If not, turn off all the switches and check your connections.
  5. After charging is complete, disconnect the AC adapter from power, followed by the AC charging adapter from the jump starter.
  6. Store your adapter in a safe position and a safe environment, and then wait for a few minutes before using your jump starter.

Steps when using a 12V DC charger

  1. Insert the connector of your charger to the charging port
  2. Plug the charger into the 12V DC outlet
  3. There will be an indication on the led display that the jump starter is in charging mode. If not, disconnect all the connections and start over.
  4. Leave your jump starter to charge until the flashing stops, and the jump starter remains solid. When it remains solid, the charging is complete, and you need to switch off the power and disconnect all the connections.
  5. Wait for some time before using your jump starter.

The main reason why a duralast jump starter may not respond to power

1. A jump starter may be connected to power and show that it is charging through when power is disconnected, the duralast jump starter goes off or does not respond. This is a common occurrence. There might be a battery inside the jump starter that needs to be replaced. You can check before replacing the battery.

It will help if you run the compressor since it runs off the battery. If the compressor does not keep the charge, your battery is damaged and replaced. If your jump starter was from a trustable person or industry, you could check your warrant, and they can replace it for you. If not, then you need to buy another one. It is always advisable to purchase such appliances from a known and trustable management.

2. The duralast jump starter may also not charge because its batteries have been used for too long and need to be replaced. Most car batteries last for five to six years, and so if your battery has lasted for long, then it might have been exhausted and thus not charging. It still depends on the type of the batteries.

The alkaline batteries only have one life cycle in which it is not determined. How it is being used determines its one life cycle.  Rechargeable batteries last for two to seven years, depending on the maintenance and care taken.

3. Climate may also affect your duralast jump starter and its charging. Extreme heat may damage your jump starters. The batteries need a favorable climate to live long and offer satisfactory service since cold climates also destroy the batteries.


Always be keen on what model or design of a duralast jump starter you use to avoid confusion. Observe maximum care when charging your duralast jump starter, and immediately after the charging is complete, always remember to unplug your charger to avoid overcharging. You should always purchase your products from a trustable dealer.

If you have no understanding of dealing with electric appliances, please contact an expert or any professional around you. The above article should help you charge your power unit with ease, but if it does not work on your duralast jump starter, confirm all the connections properly and reconnect them. If it does not work still, do not hesitate to contact an expert.

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